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Why I Really Wish ‘Last Man Standing’ Would Return

Last Man Standing is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. One of the many reasons why I love this show is that it was the only show of its kind on regular television.  Continue reading “Why I Really Wish ‘Last Man Standing’ Would Return”


How ‘Divergent’ is A Lot Like College

Divergent is a movie series that my roommate and I have gotten into over this past weekend. We watched the first one last Friday night and it was pretty great like I said in my most recent blog postContinue reading “How ‘Divergent’ is A Lot Like College”

Opinion: Why I Don’t Like Movie Theaters

Movie theaters, in my opinion, are a lot like the newspaper industry. They are considered outdated no matter how many big-budget improvements they make to them. Continue reading “Opinion: Why I Don’t Like Movie Theaters”

Review: North Iowa Area Community College

Since I now have my Associate’s Degree from North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC), I want to do a review of the school itself. I have been wanting to write this for a long time but wanted to get my degree first so that there was not any sort of reason they would not give it to me. That does sound odd but it is just the way I wanted to do this. Continue reading “Review: North Iowa Area Community College”

Officially Qualified Writer?

Over the past weekend, I finally obtained my Associate’s Degree from North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City, Iowa. I finished my last class for the degree at Western Iowa Tech Community College in my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa. Continue reading “Officially Qualified Writer?”

What I’m Looking Forward to in October

October is one of those months where you see a shimmer of hope in nature. It starts when in October and in most states and cities, the tree colors change and you start seeing more of an autumn look. To me, it is very relaxing. With all of that said, here is why I am looking forward to October.  Continue reading “What I’m Looking Forward to in October”

Why I Get Excited About Apple Pay

Yesterday, I was doing some online shopping for myself and I became attached to a certain item. It was only $8.99 (before taxes and shipping) so it was not like it was one of those things where it was going to put a huge dent in my bank account.  Continue reading “Why I Get Excited About Apple Pay”

Why You Don’t Need Gen-Eds (Response to the Iowa State Daily Opinion Article)

Yesterday, the Iowa State Daily published both online and in their newspaper a column about how students need their general education classes. And here I am to debunk how they don’t.  Continue reading “Why You Don’t Need Gen-Eds (Response to the Iowa State Daily Opinion Article)”

Books on a Budget

For many college kids and people in general, money is pretty tight. This means that if you get a call from your friends and they want to go out and get drinks, you might have to say no. This is not because you want to say no to them, but more so because you have to stick to a budget. Continue reading “Books on a Budget”

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