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Why It Is Once Again Time to Reconsider Four-Year College Degrees

I think that it is time for us as a society to start going forward with the idea that four-year college degrees are outdated, irrelevant, and causing massive issues in society right now. We have the resources now to shrink that degree to make it 1-2 years long and that is something we desperately need to do in order for the next generations to have a shot in this world.  Continue reading “Why It Is Once Again Time to Reconsider Four-Year College Degrees”


Yes, College is Meant to Get You a Job

I have heard the argument many times that despite the popular belief, college is actually not designed to get you a job but to have you learn at a higher level, get the college experience (spoilers: it’s a plethora of student loan debt), and to make you a better critical thinker. Really?  Continue reading “Yes, College is Meant to Get You a Job”

One of my Predictions Came True!

Three years ago, I made a prediction about general education standards in this country and how it has to change in order for colleges to remain relevant for students and families. It’s all going to change soon…just not nationally.  Continue reading “One of my Predictions Came True!”

Why I’m Glad I Branched Out After High School

When I graduated from high school in 2014, I had the choice of going to Western Iowa Tech Community College, which is a community college in my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa. Some of my high school classmates did find it odd that I was not enrolled in classes over there when the fall semester came around.  Continue reading “Why I’m Glad I Branched Out After High School”

Debunking a Professor’s Midterm Paper Directions and Breaking the Rules

Last week, I had to take a midterm test for an online class that had some of the oddest directions one could find on a midterm test. With that said, I guess I should not be surprised because this is college in 2018.  Continue reading “Debunking a Professor’s Midterm Paper Directions and Breaking the Rules”

The Stages of Not Having Your Apple TV for a Week

I have been on midterm break this entire week and during that time, I have not used my Apple TV once over this break. It is sitting out in my car, so it is not like I have not had a chance to have access to it. I just have not made my way to my car to get it out and hook it up.  Continue reading “The Stages of Not Having Your Apple TV for a Week”

My Favorite Books by Female Authors

Normally I would not post something like this because I despise all of that “you go girl” nonsense simply due to the fact that it goes back to the question that I have been asking for a while: ”Who said you could not do it?” It’s a fair question to ask in my book since I have never seen a poster that said that women could not be engineers or scientists, nor have I ever seen a sign that said that women are limited. Continue reading “My Favorite Books by Female Authors”

No OtterBox Case for Me!

Like I said, I did recently purchase a new iPad 5th Generation at Best Buy a few days ago. I did briefly look that evening for a case for it but did not find one at a good price. As a college student, I’m always looking for ways to save money and such, and I did not find one that was in my price range. Continue reading “No OtterBox Case for Me!”

Buying Only Apple Products Does Not Make You a Communist

Over the years, I have heard that people who buy Apple are considered to be ”technically communist” since they will only buy something if it has the Apple logo, brand, or name on it. I have not been called that name before but I have been called other names that I will not say here on this blog since I like to keep the language clean on here for the most part. Continue reading “Buying Only Apple Products Does Not Make You a Communist”

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