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No Blog Posts For a While

I have not posted on here in a while, but I felt as though I should post something on here that could explain why I have not been posting on here lately. Well, here is that explanation.  Continue reading “No Blog Posts For a While”

Why I Am Still Completely Against FINALS Exams

I have been taking a summer class since the beginning of June, which is Math for Liberal Arts. The class has been going well and better than when I took it at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). However, the class does still have a FINAL exam, which I am not crazy about it. Here is why I still don’t like nor find the point to FINAL exams. Continue reading “Why I Am Still Completely Against FINALS Exams”


This blog post was inspired by a Saturday night Twitter trend #IfCollegeDidNotExist. I rant about college a lot on here, so I’m going to say exactly what it would mean if college did not exist today and how humanity, at least in the United States, might be better off without it. Continue reading “#IfCollegeDidNotExist”

My Favorite Things to Do When Traveling

Traveling is something that I like to do, especially when I am not the one driving. The reason for that is that I tend to stare off into space sometimes while traveling because after all, you are going somewhere and the road tends to sort of hypnotizes me.  Continue reading “My Favorite Things to Do When Traveling”

How I Try to Avoid Stress

Stress is something that we all face at one time another. It is the thing that lurks in the back of our mind when we are trying to sleep or trying to relax, never finding its way out the back door.  Continue reading “How I Try to Avoid Stress”

Why I Document My Life Through Instagram Stories?

If you read my articles on TeamApple Toys, then you’ll know that I prefer Instagram Stories over Snapchat Stories for one reason and one reason only; I have a bigger following on Instagram than I do Snapchat.  Continue reading “Why I Document My Life Through Instagram Stories?”

Why I Am Dreading Going Back to College

It’s a Saturday and I felt like blogging this morning. I normally try to blog during the week, but I only posted one blog post this week and I feel like I should try to make up for that with one right now. It’s better late than never.  Continue reading “Why I Am Dreading Going Back to College”

Top 5 TV Shows and Movies That I Wish Netflix Would Bring/Bring Back

Netflix is probably my favorite on-demand streaming service out there. It has provided me hours of entertainment and laughs. With that said, there have been some TV shows and movies that I would love to see be brought to the service or brought back to it.  Continue reading “Top 5 TV Shows and Movies That I Wish Netflix Would Bring/Bring Back”

Why I Decided to Purchase Another eBook from iBooks

I am a big reader when I have free time and am motivated to do so. When I do read books, I typically read them from a physical book. I have almost always read a physical book since they feel good in the hand and honestly, they just look better in my eyes. However, since I do have a huge interest in technology, I decided to download my second eBook from iBooks a couple days ago. Here is why. Continue reading “Why I Decided to Purchase Another eBook from iBooks”

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