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Blogging Schedule Change

As of yesterday, I am enrolled in two online classes. Yes, I am my own worst hypocrite. However, this is being done because it is the only way to do what I need to do.  Continue reading “Blogging Schedule Change”


Five Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend College for Journalism Majors

I have been a journalism major now for four years and in that time I have learned many things about the field, but more importantly, not only did I learn the majority of it on my own, but most of the material and curriculum can be self-taught for much cheaper.  Continue reading “Five Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend College for Journalism Majors”

Why I Do Not Mind Going to the Mall

In a time where millennials like me are blamed for ruining malls across the country that are declining in sales and stores in general, I am one that does not mind going to malls in 2018.  Continue reading “Why I Do Not Mind Going to the Mall”

What I Can’t Wait to do After College

A year from now, I plan to be graduated from college and with that, I do have some things that I would like to do after graduation once I get my first job, whether that be in journalism, marketing, advertising, or social media. I’d be happy with any of them! Continue reading “What I Can’t Wait to do After College”

What I Don’t Like About the New ‘Doctor Who’ Composer

It was announced yesterday that the new composer for the next season of Doctor Who has been chosen. Most of the reaction that I saw on social media was positive. However, I want to point out what was wrong with this choice.  Continue reading “What I Don’t Like About the New ‘Doctor Who’ Composer”

My Favorite Songs from the ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Score

The 13 Reasons Why season two score has been out for a week now and I thought I would tell all of you which songs are my favorite and why. Note that these are not in any sort of order, just the songs that I like the most. It will also be out of the top five that I like. Continue reading “My Favorite Songs from the ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Score”

What the Student Loan Debt Problem Does for Students Currently In and Out of College

Yes, today’s title is long but I wanted it to be long but also to the point. Basically, I want to point out what can happen when colleges push for things like, “Well, we’re just going to raise your student fees next year by only $30,” or how students are expected to live after college when they have student loan debt total between $40K-100K or even higher than that! Continue reading “What the Student Loan Debt Problem Does for Students Currently In and Out of College”

Why Summer College Classes Are a Joke

During the time that I have been in college, I have taken many summers of summer college courses. These summers include the years of 2014, 2015, and 2017. I should also include that this consists of both in the classroom and online classes.   Continue reading “Why Summer College Classes Are a Joke”

Why Home Internet Data Caps Are Ridiculous

Earlier this month, my family and I got the notification through our internet provider that we were about 50GB away from going over our data plan for the month, which is 300GB per month. Eventually, we did go over it and although there were no additional fees since our provider has a “three strikes and you’re out” type of deal, it still left me pretty irritated. Continue reading “Why Home Internet Data Caps Are Ridiculous”

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