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How the End of the Semester Feels for College Students

This week’s theme is more of a Finals Week for college students theme. The reason for this is that I am a college student and I believe that for just this week, people, mostly students, can use my blog as an outlet to relax (and maybe get educated in a different way too).

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Shows I Plan to Watch With The Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV

Thanks to Apple and Amazon for finally releasing the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV, I am now able to watch my favorite shows on the Amazon video streaming service directly from my Apple TV. Continue reading “Shows I Plan to Watch With The Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV”

One Blog Post a Day All Through My Christmas Break

I have decided that every single day over break, I will be having a blog post every day over my Christmas Break. My semester ends this Friday and after that, I will not have any classes work on for three weeks! I can’t believe I was actually able to write that!

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Opinion: Why Finals Week is a Load of Crap

I know that I rant about college a lot but I just want to point out the faults that I have seen within Finals Week over the years. I will say that I am fortunate enough this year to only have one final, which sadly is on Friday, the final day of the semester. On the bright side, at least I should have plenty of time to pack and stuff! Continue reading “Opinion: Why Finals Week is a Load of Crap”

Review: El Camino Christmas (Netflix Original Movie)

Ever since the cancellation of Last Man Standing in May 2017, I have gotten an interest in Tim Allen and his work. I should also point out that my roommate and best friend have been looking for new things to watch on Friday nights when we have pizza together. Last semester, we were always able to watch the newest episode of Last Man Standing, but since ABC had to ruin that, every Friday we are always looking for something new to watch. 

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Leaving Iowa State

I have been waiting a little while to make this announcement but today is the day I can finally say it. As of today, I will be transferring out of Iowa State University and be transferring to Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska.

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Quit Trying to Censor Christmas

This time last week, I saw in an article in the infamous Iowa State Daily, a newspaper that I have written about before, that basically tells its students and readers that it is considered “offensive” to say or write “Merry Christmas.” The article claims that Christmas is not inclusive enough, so saying “Happy Holidays” is better. Continue reading “Quit Trying to Censor Christmas”

Jobs I Think I Would Be Good At

Over the years, I have tried to figure out what jobs I will or could be good at in the future. I have thought that I will probably end up in something that has to with media and technology in some way? That’s part of the reason why I am going to college for a degree in journalism. Continue reading “Jobs I Think I Would Be Good At”

Christmas Movies/Specials I Recommend Watching This Month

Eveyr year, I always try to write down which Christmas specials I want to watch during the Christmas season. These consist of Christmas specials and movies that are either shown every year on TV, can be streamed on streaming services, or can be bought on stores like iTunes or Amazon.  Continue reading “Christmas Movies/Specials I Recommend Watching This Month”

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