I am a big reader when I have free time and am motivated to do so. When I do read books, I typically read them from a physical book. I have almost always read a physical book since they feel good in the hand and honestly, they just look better in my eyes. However, since I do have a huge interest in technology, I decided to download my second eBook from iBooks a couple days ago. Here is why.

Like I said, this is not my first eBook. In fact, my first eBook was the popular book that was going around on Twitter by a guy named Billy Taylor and his book was called Just Friends. My experience reading it was pretty good and was something that I was not afraid to do if I ever had to do it ever again.

In my opinion, this is how we should do college textbooks instead of charging kids $200-500 for each textbook. This way, all the student would have to do is bring their tablet, laptop, or smartphone to class and the book would be on there. No more carrying around giant textbooks to every class. But that’s a story for a different day.


The reason why I buy them through iBooks is that number one, it is through Apple. The second reason is that it integrates with all of the other tech products I use on a daily basis. If I want to, I could read it on my MacBook Pro, but for the sake of my personal sanity, I will not be doing that anytime soon.

My top reason for doing this is that iBooks allows me to read the books that I would be too embarrassed to buy in stores or a book that I do not want my family to see me reading. With me reading it on my iPad Mini, I get to avoid all of that.

For the sake of this blog post, the book that I bought was The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash. Yes, it does sound like a girly book, but again, this is why I bought it on iBooks. If someone in my house were to see me reading it, they have no idea what it would be. For all they know, they would probably think it would be another book about Steve Jobs or yet another John Green novel. But for the record, if I was interested in buying a new John Green novel, I would pick that up in hardcover form. Anything else would not be good enough for me.


Some may see this as me trying to hide who I really am but as a future tech journalist and just tech enthusiast in general, this could help make me a better writer and reader since I have experience reading from both a physical book and a tablet/screen.

If only someone could do something about the raised potential of having my iPad Mini stolen from me if I were reading in public…