It’s a Saturday and I felt like blogging this morning. I normally try to blog during the week, but I only posted one blog post this week and I feel like I should try to make up for that with one right now. It’s better late than never. 

As we all know, I am not a fan of college and for me, classes start again at Iowa State on August 21st. So, here are the things that I am absolutely dreading about going back. Please note that I hope they don’t try to teach me how to balance a checkbook (feature image) because I am all about paying for things with Apple Pay and such because it is the future of payment, not to mention that it looks really cool when in use!

  • Going back to classes: It’s already bad enough that I’ll have to get up early, but that I have to get up early to go to some pointless class. Granted, not all my classes are going to be pointless, but I am the kind of person that when it comes to journalism, I would rather learn on my own and at my own speed. I’m all about my independence.


  • Less time for reading: I like to read over my summers and going back to school means that there will be less reading time for me, and I still have a lot of books to read.
  • There is one class in particular that I will be having to take this year: This class that I am talking about is called JLMC 499, which is just a fancy code word for a pointless class that is supposed to “prepare” me for an internship, despite that I have never heard of any major at Iowa State having this kind of class. It’s probably just an easy way for the school to get even more money out of students, but I hate the class so much. I have yet to take it, but I know that I am going to hate it. To me, I think you should be able to apply for an internship, possibly get it, and then go from there because every field and major is different, and what this class does is try to act like the three fields (journalism, marketing, and advertising) are all the same. Clearly, they are not.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 10.14.06 AM
    Description of the class on Iowa State’s website
  • College nonsense: We all know that what happens on college campuses be a bit extreme. However, what I am talking is the more recent protests and social justice crap that happens over there. I don’t mean to get political, but I get really tired of this nonsense. Over at Iowa State last year, we had the #NotMyPresident protests when Donald Trump was elected our 45th president. There have also been other marches and protests that are practically just as annoying.


  • No more Friday night Last Man Standing episodes: Every Friday night during the spring, my brother and one of my friends on campus would all get a pizza and watch the new episode of Last Man Standing on ABC. Sadly, the show has been canceled and we will have to resort to reruns on Netflix, CMT, and Hallmark Channel.

    If only college were more like this 
  • Lastly, having to worry about homework and classes again: I am at the age and point in my life where I simply cannot stand going to school and having to worry about homework every single day. I wish that there was a fast way out, but once you’re there on campus, you’re basically screwed. I like the work mentality where most of the time when you get off work, you’re done for the day. There are no extra strings attached. With school, it’s going to at least an hour-long lecture for each class and then spend 4-5 hours doing homework on top of that. Yeah, not my cup of tea.