Stress is something that we all face at one time another. It is the thing that lurks in the back of our mind when we are trying to sleep or trying to relax, never finding its way out the back door. 

We all need ways that we can avoid stress because it is not good for us to always be stressed about something. It takes a toll on our mental state, physicality, and our emotions.

One of the things that I try to do to avoid stress is to read. I’ve made it known on here before that I love to read when given the free time. When it comes to that, I am always trying to find time to read. Just a couple nights ago, I sat down on the couch and literally read for three-straight-hours, even as the room went to pitch black.

What was I stressed about? Well, some personal matters (that I will not go into detail about) and that college will be starting for me within the next couple weeks and that in itself scares the living crap out of me. However, due to the fact that I was able to read for three hours, I didn’t think about it for three hours, which is an amazing thing.

Another way how I avoid stress is by watching shows on Netflix. The two shows that I watch most often are Last Man Standing and How I Met Your Mother. It gives you a sense that there is a life outside of school and that you will get through this. After all, everything has to end eventually, right?

And the last way I have of trying to de-stress myself is to listen to music, but not just any music. The music that I listen to most of the time is film/tv score music. This means the music in TV shows like Doctor Who or movies like The Intern (2015).

Stress is something that we all get from time to time and it is something that can devastate individuals. Hopefully those resources do the trick for you. If not, a quick search on the “Google machine” should find an adequate way of helping you.