Traveling is something that I like to do, especially when I am not the one driving. The reason for that is that I tend to stare off into space sometimes while traveling because after all, you are going somewhere and the road tends to sort of hypnotizes me. 

When I do get to sit in the passenger’s seat, I always try to keep myself preoccupied with things to do, depending on how long the trip is going to be. With that said, here are the things I like to do when traveling, both on the road and when getting to our destination.

  • Read books: If it is just quiet enough, I read in the front of the car. It does not matter what I am reading, just as long as I have something to read. Sometimes I bring my Beats headphones with me just because they are noise-canceling and I can get a good read going while on the road.


  • Listen to music: We just got a six-month free trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio a couple months ago and have since been trying it out in our new 2017 Ford Escape SE. The number of stations feels endless and it really does have a great variety. Personally, I’d rather have my iPhone 6 or iPod Touch playing my playlists from Apple Music.


  • Chat: Believe it or not, my family and I can have some of the best conversations. But then we have to be quiet because my twin brother eventually tries to take a morning/afternoon nap (depends on when we are traveling).


  • Look at the scenery: I live in Iowa, some most of the time, everything looks like flat prairie land. To me, it is better when there is a thunderstorm going on or when there is snow on the ground/side of the road. For some reason, it interests me.


  • Go to the Apple Store: It’s no secret that I love Apple and going to their Apple Stores is always a treat even if I am not buying anything. The employees are always so nice to me and it is one of the few stores and businesses where I can truly be myself. No one understands individuality and creativity better than Apple.


  • Find the nearest Barnes and Noble: Although we have one back home, I’m always interested to see what they all look like. Every Barnes and Noble tells a story, I guess? Plus, it’s just another opportunity to find a book that I want to read!

    Yes, this scene from The Fault in Our Stars was shot in a Barnes and Noble
  • Going to the malls: Whenever we go on vacation it is usually to a big city. We always end up going to at least a couple of malls. My favorite one is Mall of America because it has both an Apple Store and a Barnes and Noble, AND they are both on the same floor.


  • Checking to see if the vending machines take Apple Pay: Ok, so this might seem dumb to others, but for me, it is really cool. I have seen vending machines at stores, businesses, malls, and hotels that take Apple Pay. Right now, it is one of my biggest obsessions since Apple Pay is not only cool to use, but it is the future of everyday payment.

These are not all of the things that I like to do when on vacation, but it pretty much sums it up. I’m not that entertaining of a person when it comes to that, but at the end of the day, it does make me happy.