This blog post was inspired by a Saturday night Twitter trend #IfCollegeDidNotExist. I rant about college a lot on here, so I’m going to say exactly what it would mean if college did not exist today and how humanity, at least in the United States, might be better off without it.

  • Students would not be wasting their time: Obviously, you will always have the people that will stay in, lay on their parents’ couch, and watch Netflix all day. However, I like to think that the majority of people would be better off for career fields in the humanities and arts job fields because they could either learn what they need to know online or simply get internships/real world experience.
  • No more indoctrination: Yes, I am one of those people that believe that colleges do indoctrinate students to believe one thing and one thing only. Ask most students what they identify more as; conservative or liberal. I guarantee you that the second choice will be the majority. This is not to say that liberals are bad because they are not. However, it would be nice to hear professors talk about both views. In my experience, they have not.
  • Not blowing thousands of dollars a year on “higher education”: I don’t think college should be completely free. But I do think that the costs are too high today for the idea that every student needs to get a college degree. Student loan debt is at over $1.5 trillion dollars, so I think it would better help the millennial generation and the economy if students quit going to college. Overall, the education and the textbooks are too highly priced, along with the fact that the education itself is watered-down.
  • More opportunities for jobs: Outside of STEM fields, I think students would be better. Instead of showing employers a resume of all of these useless classes you took, show them on a resume and on a computer of what you can really do. Believe it or not, there was one skill that we all learned in Kindergarten which was “show and tell.” You show what you’ve done and you explained how you did it. Not that hard to figure out.
  • I personally would have more time for reading, writing, and blogging: Won’t go into too much detail on this, but I would have more time to write and read if I wasn’t always working on pointless classes and assignments that dragged me down. Reading makes me more creative and smart, and writing and blogging allow me to write about what I want, which allows me to get published, which in the long-term run will (hopefully) help me land a job somewhere someday.
  • It would allow me and the rest of my generation to make and save money: This is a real big one. As of right now, I don’t think that my generation will be able to retire. We will be burdened with student loans and other expenses. Saving money would allow for us to save money for things that we need or want such as a house or a car to get to work. Also, it would be really nice to put either my tax refund or summer money towards a new MacBook Pro. However, College has taken that away from me too.

I really do feel as though with the power of the internet and how most people have a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and or laptop, that we truly would have a better world. To me, college is outdated and no longer serves a purpose unless you are going into a STEM field.