I have been taking a summer class since the beginning of June, which is Math for Liberal Arts. The class has been going well and better than when I took it at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). However, the class does still have a FINAL exam, which I am not crazy about it. Here is why I still don’t like nor find the point to FINAL exams.The reason why I do not like FINALS exams is that I see absolutely no point in having them. To me, it is another way to test the crap out of the millennial generation. I understand that Baby Boomers took them too, but it seems as though this generation is tested all the time.

Now, this class is a math class, which is not my best subject. I have had troubles with it before in the past, but I think the majority of people are like that today.

My other issue with FINAL exams is that they serve no purpose. I see them as an inadequate moment in time when you have a small amount of time to memorize and remember everything you learned in the semester and be able to put that knowledge to a test. Are we serious?

Do educators or people in academia really think that this is ok? How does this help the students in the real world, or more importantly, how does this help them get a job in the real world?

My take on it all is that if you know the material, your grade will reflect it over a 16-week semester. If you have 10 chapters to go through over a semester, then you take 10 tests, no FINAL exam.

A FINAL exam grading percentage varies based on the class you are taking and what kind of material is being presented. Most of the time, it can be as bad as being able to take your final grade down a letter or two if you do poorly. This can also mean whether or not you pass or fail a course. For an exam that has so much riding on it, should we

For an exam that has so much riding on it, should we really keep making students take them?

However, that’s the thing. A FINAL exam feels more like the last chance to improve your grade in the class. I guarantee you that most kids would rather have a final project or paper to write than to take a test. It puts less pressure on students and allows them to not have to deal with all of the stress and anxiety that comes with FINAL exams.

It is time to seriously reconsider the idea of FINALS exams in our colleges and high schools. I don’t see how they really help students out, not to mention that I do not think that students retain much of the information. It’s just another example of regurgitating information for a pointless test that has no relevance to real life.