Why I Am No Longer Watching NBC’s ‘Superstore’; ​What is Wrong with TV Shows in Hollywood Today

Last night, I got home from my internship and realized that I had the house all to myself. So, I made myself some dinner and turned on my Apple TV to watch some Hulu, more specifically, a new episode of Superstore that aired almost two weeks ago. I am behind on my TV watching because of how much I work during the week.

I got around to watching the Superstore episode “Blizzard,” where the cast gets stuck in their store during a blizzard because the Cloud 9 corporate heads will not let the workers go home due to the horrible conditions outside.

Getting to the point, there is a scene where they are trying to decide whether or not to watch season one of Game of Thrones or the last season of Friends. From here, this is where the cancer begins:

Mateo: I feel like both of those shows have WAY too many white people.

Dina: Yeah, I gotta agree. I watch TV as an escape, not to see MORE white people.

Right there, that is when I turned off the show, deleted it from My Stuff on Hulu, and am currently set to never watch the show again.

Do you people in Hollywood not get it? That the reason people do not watch network television as much as they used is the fact that white people, who make up a little over 60 percent of people in this country, are fed up with the constant bashing of their race. And for what? To make African Americans or Asians feel more “included?”

Meanwhile, what we don’t talk about is the fact that this comment is literal racism and would not happen with any other race in America other than white people. If you made the joke about black, Indian, or Muslims, NBC would have the show canceled overnight. What a horrible double standard we have today.

Also, these are the same networks and shows that are saying that they are fighting for equality or trying to end racism.

Here’s the thing; if you want to end racism, that is great. However, in order to do that, you can’t go off and make jokes about white or any other race out there. It’s not just races you choose not to make fun of. It has to race as a whole. However, I don’t think the writers or cast see it that way.

When looking at the ratings for Superstore, I see that the show does air on Thursday nights and does not do too well in ratings because that is typically CBS’s night for comedies and their TV shows in general.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 2.59.44 PM

Doing the math, it looks as though the show’s fourth season is only getting about 3.24 million viewers an episode. This would be fine if the show was in its first or second season, but after nearly four seasons, the ratings are still crap? I mean, Last Man Standing, on a Friday night (known to be the death slot of television), is still getting 5.8 million viewers an episode, which is almost six million viewers, and the fact that it is leading its timeslot in ratings and the 18-49 ad demographic.

One thing I do notice is that Middle America sure is not tuning in. They have not been tuning in for a few years since all the shows do is typically have a liberal agenda, and Middle America does not want to hear about how evil white people are, which is what Hollywood is obsessed with now.

Now, we did see that this time last year, ABC’s rebooted Roseanne series did very well with the American public since it was bringing in, you guessed it, Middle America. Roseanne did come off as a conservative and a family that, for the most part, liked Donald Trump. You do not see kind of stuff on today’s television, not to mention that it was the same network that canceled Last Man Standing less than a year before the rebooted Roseanne premiered.

If we look at the ratings for season 10 of Roseanne, we’ll see that the show brought in an average 13.49 million people per episode. That is outstanding for a show like that, especially in a day in age where people are streaming TV shows left-and-right, legally or illegally.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 3.30.47 PM

My last point about Superstore is that that show can be as liberal as it wants, the Americans, more specifically Middle America, will watch what they want to watch. Attacking white people surely won’t get the show to last much longer, or at least not like other series such as The Big Bang Theory or Friends.

Superstore has already unfortunately been renewed for a fifth season from NBC, but I think once the show proves that it cannot get more ratings even without having to compete with The Big Bang Theory, I think NBC will pull the plug.

Perhaps NBC can look into rebooting A to Z, which is the show that Ben Feldman, who plays Jonah in Superstore, was in before Superstore.

A to Z had a great story and was something a little different from the rest of what television has to offer at the moment. Plus, it had the eventual wife/The Mother from How I Met Your Mother and she’s a great actress too.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am No Longer Watching NBC’s ‘Superstore’; ​What is Wrong with TV Shows in Hollywood Today

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  1. I think you’re being a little dramatic. The “too many white people” criticism has always been a common one for Friends, even during its time on the NBC airwaves (the same liberal network that brings us Superstore) simply because the show depicts an unrealistic NYC.

    Even if this Friends critique was new, you’re really going to boycott Superstore because a White character and an Asian character made a joke about how a show has too many White people? When Superstore capitalizes on the stereotypes of many other races for humor as well? Please, relax. It is not that serious. Your precious white rights are not in jeopardy because a show made fun of you.

    Conservatives are often bigger snowflakes than liberals.

    1. I humbly disagree. If you make that joke literally about any other race out there, you’re considered a racist. However, somehow it’s fine do it for white people.

      Liberals say they want to fight and end racism, yet end up adding more racism in the world. I’m not saying conservatives don’t, but for Christ sake, pick a lane and stay there.

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