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Books I Recommend for Christmas

Every year, to encourage people, espcially young people, to read, I like to create a list of books that I would recommend for everyone to read. As much as I try to make a list a books for both boys and girls, men and women, male and females (because there are only two genders), there will be some that are only intended for certain genders or people.  Continue reading “Books I Recommend for Christmas”


New Christmas Theme!

I decided that in the spirit of the Christmas season, I have modified the theme so that it has a Christmas banner (right above the “Becker Blogging” name) and that the layer is red.  Continue reading “New Christmas Theme!”

Why I Love Gary Vaynerchuk’s Content

For starters, I had to put the “Content” part of this blog post since because if I didn’t people might get the wrong idea. But the truth is that I love Gary Vaynerchuk’s books and YouTube videos.  Continue reading “Why I Love Gary Vaynerchuk’s Content”

My Favorite Christmas TV Ads

It’s no secret that Christmas is coming and that we are less than a month away from it now. Although I do not watch television as much as I used to when I was younger, I want to show some of my favorite Christmas commercials. Why? Well, because it is fun and this could get people in the holiday spirit.  Continue reading “My Favorite Christmas TV Ads”

Stores I Will Be Shopping at on Black Friday 2017

Like usual, I am going Black Friday shopping. Now, I do this even though I am a broke college student because it is the best day of the year for shopping when it comes to shopping in traditional retail stores. Continue reading “Stores I Will Be Shopping at on Black Friday 2017”

Today is ‘Doctor Who’ Day!

Believe it or not, November 23rd, along with being this year’s date for Thanksgiving, is also Doctor Who Day. The show was started on this day back in 1963 and is turning 54 years old today.  Continue reading “Today is ‘Doctor Who’ Day!”

What I’m Thankful for Today (and Thanksgiving Break in General)

Today is Thanksgiving, one of the most popular American holidays of the year. I know that I go on my rants on here about college and other things. But for today, I want to show what I am thankful for and because I am the creator and runner of this blog and what I say goes.  Continue reading “What I’m Thankful for Today (and Thanksgiving Break in General)”

iSwitched Browsers

Last week, I made the switch to Firefox on my MacBook Pro. The reason for this may come off as odd since I have already been using Google Chrome for at least a couple of years. So, out of nowhere, why would I all of the sudden change browsers? The answer may surprise you! Continue reading “iSwitched Browsers”

Thanksgiving Specials to Watch Before (or the day of) Thanksgiving

Whether you are on Thanksgiving Break or just someone trying to appreciate the upcoming holiday, here are some of the best TV Thanksgiving specials that I have found and watched in year’s past.  Continue reading “Thanksgiving Specials to Watch Before (or the day of) Thanksgiving”

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