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Announcement: New Header and Blog Posts Every Day This Week

Although I did say last week that I would try to post on Sunday night if I was going to post a week full of new blog posts this week, and that is what I have decided to do. On top of that, each month will not have a different header image above. So, each month when you come back to Becker Blogging, there will be a new image that will be what I think that month looks like. This could have to deal with the season we are in or some event that is going on.  Continue reading “Announcement: New Header and Blog Posts Every Day This Week”


My New iPad is Here!

During this past Saturday, I purchased myself a new iPad 5th Generation at my local Best Buy. I ended up spending only $269.99 on it (before taxes) because like I have said before, smart people do not pay full price…at least when it comes to tech, clothes, and some groceries. In fact, I am writing this blog from said new iPad. Continue reading “My New iPad is Here!”

What I Want to Do Over Spring/Midterm Break

A lot of people would probably think that a college student’s spring break consists of lounging around the house, eating all of the food, watching Netflix, and doing nothing for a week. For me, it’s a little different.  Continue reading “What I Want to Do Over Spring/Midterm Break”

Why the Smaller College May Be the Best Option

I have been at Wayne State College (WSC) for over a month now and was at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC), and was at Iowa State for over a year. With that said, I have a lot of experience on college campuses and even though I have bashed a lot on college before, I think I can explain why the smaller colleges and their campuses may be better than the “glorified” four-year schools.  Continue reading “Why the Smaller College May Be the Best Option”

The Issue With Midterms

I had some extra time today and decided to do some blogging since I actually enjoy this and that this will hopefully help some people who are currently in their midterm week or will see it during their midterm week dates. This will allow those who want to be able to blow some steam, see if maybe what I’m saying, they agree with, or just want to read some rant about college and such. Continue reading “The Issue With Midterms”

Why I Still Buy Magazines

You would think with someone as technological as me that I would be against buying physical magazines since I would prefer to just read things online or get an eMagazine. However, I am not like that. Continue reading “Why I Still Buy Magazines”

Reasons How Winter is Getting a Little Annoying

When it comes to winter, during the beginning part of it is always nice since it is during the Christmas season (nope, still not going to say holiday season) and it syncs well with all of the Christmas specials like Charlie Brown Christmas or Doctor Who Christmas specials.  Continue reading “Reasons How Winter is Getting a Little Annoying”

Why the iPad 5th Generation Will be My Next iPad

One of the things that I love to do at the beginning of the year after I get my taxes done is figure out what my next Apple product is going to be. This year, I have decided that my next Apple product is going to be a new iPad.  Continue reading “Why the iPad 5th Generation Will be My Next iPad”

How to Price-Match at Barnes and Noble

Over this past weekend, I finally figured out how to price-match at Barnes and Noble. I have written about them before and how they needed to start price-matching in order to compete with competitors like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  Continue reading “How to Price-Match at Barnes and Noble”

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