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Life Lessons Taught in ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Earlier this week, I did a blog post about life lessons that I and (probably) many others have learned in Doctor Who. It is a show where I have learned a lot about life just by watching it. But How I Met Your Mother is a completely different kind of show compared to Doctor Who, so what kind of advice could I get out of this? More than you’d think.  Continue reading “Life Lessons Taught in ‘How I Met Your Mother’”


Why I Recommend a MacBook for Blogging

I purchased my MacBook Pro in 2014 right after I had just graduated from high school. It is still one of the best moments of my life since owning a Mac at the time was something that I had dreamt of for a very long time. It also did not help that I worked at Best Buy, the showroom of Apple products and new technology.  Continue reading “Why I Recommend a MacBook for Blogging”

Lessons That ‘Doctor Who’ Teaches

Doctor Who is one of my favorite TV shows ever. Even though in recent years, I have gone to somewhat dislike the show, especially with the announcement of the 13th Doctor being a woman. I’m not sexist, but I am a big believer in traditions and I believe that the Doctor should always be a male.  Continue reading “Lessons That ‘Doctor Who’ Teaches”

How to Keep Track of Your Writing/Blogging Ideas

Writing and blogging are one of those things where they work well when you have the right idea(s), the research is done, and it is properly written (no typos, grammar, punctuation, etc). With that said, how do you get said ideas and where do you put them? Continue reading “How to Keep Track of Your Writing/Blogging Ideas”

How to Properly Pack a Laptop Bag

I have been an owner of a laptop bag for over a year and although that does not make me an expert in the idea, I think I have a good understanding how to do it. I know that it may sound stupid to write something like this, but I think people need a better understanding of what to pack and what not to pack in a laptop bag.  Continue reading “How to Properly Pack a Laptop Bag”

What I Put on my Desk in my College Apartment

What an odd blog post? Well, you’re going to see why I would make such a blog post, I mean, my desk must be the interest the equivalent of the TARDIS console? Read and you will see why my desk is so great.  Continue reading “What I Put on my Desk in my College Apartment”

Why I Don’t Write Blog Posts on my iPad

I have been an owner of an iPad Mini 2 since 2015. With the way how Apple has been innovating in that area, along with the fact that they have been treating it more as a laptop replacement than anything else, why would I not be using that as my primary way of blogging and getting my written word out? Well, that is what I set out to answer in this blog post…that was written on a MacBook Pro.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Write Blog Posts on my iPad”

What I Like About the Fall

Okay, so, I know that it is not officially fall, but I wanted to talk about my favorite things about the fall, and why it is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Continue reading “What I Like About the Fall”

What I Liked About and Learned from “Last Man Standing”

This past summer, I wrote a lot about the cancellation of one of my favorite TV shows ever, Last Man Standing. Continue reading “What I Liked About and Learned from “Last Man Standing””

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