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Be a Jack of All Trades

When it comes to getting a job, whether that be your first job or just a new one, I think that it is best nowadays to be able to have as many skills as possible because…well, I’ll get into that. Continue reading “Be a Jack of All Trades”


My Favorite Songs from the ’13 Reasons Why’ Soundtrack

The 13 Reasons Why soundtrack has been out for a week now on CD. I have been listening to the album on Apple Music and just bought the album yesterday at FYE (with Apple Pay!).  Continue reading “My Favorite Songs from the ’13 Reasons Why’ Soundtrack”

How I Am Watching WWDC 2018

Today is the day of the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) keynote, which is where Apple is set to unveil the newest versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.  Continue reading “How I Am Watching WWDC 2018”

(SPOILERS) My Favorite Moments from ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2

Like in my last blog post, I’m going to cover what I did like in season two from 13 Reasons Why. If you remember, on Monday, I covered what I did not like about it. Continue reading “(SPOILERS) My Favorite Moments from ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2”

(SPOILERS) What is Wrong with ’13 Reasons Why’ Season Two

Last week, all I did it seemed was to watch season two of 13 Reasons Why, which is a show on Netflix based on the book by Jay Asher. Continue reading “(SPOILERS) What is Wrong with ’13 Reasons Why’ Season Two”

It’s Time to Get Rid of the Check

I have been working in retail for about five years and one thing that has gotten on my nerves as of late is that customers are still writing out and paying for their items with a check. It is something that needs to die.  Continue reading “It’s Time to Get Rid of the Check”

It’s Time to Talk About the Food Stamp Problem

I have been working at a grocery store for almost four years now and during my time doing so, I have noticed one thing that is for sure one of the most overused and something that we spend way too much money on as American taxpayers. This is the food stamps program.  Continue reading “It’s Time to Talk About the Food Stamp Problem”

Took a Break Today!

With the way how my work and internship have been keeping me pretty busy lately, and as a result of working 21 hours this past weekend with my job, I decided to use today to take a break from blogging and just have a day of relaxation.  Continue reading “Took a Break Today!”

Review: Mountain Dew Jelly

Last week, I acquired a birthday gift from my mom, who got it made from a close friend of hers. It is an odd product to want or ask for, but believe it or not, it’s better than you would think. This product is Mountain Dew Jelly. Continue reading “Review: Mountain Dew Jelly”

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